An Integrated Enterprise VoIP System

Cloud-engineered with flexibility, reliability and scalability at the core.

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Next-Generation Real-Time Communications

How many vendors does it take to make voice, messaging, team collaboration work in a fast growing or large company? Too many!

Juxto provides service operations processes for your Real-Time Communications (RTC) solution. We’ve built our network and combined our relationship with major cloud vendors with the engineering required to deliver end-to-end service levels for complex enterprise solutions.

You get the solutions you need, from the right vendors, with a single vendor SLA with Juxto.

VoIP Engineered for Enterprises

Manage Integrations and solutions

Managed Integrations & Solutions

Get a customized solution that combines any mixture of the best cloud services and software on the market, all managed under one roof. Empower your sales team members with our phone-system plugin and deploy a contact center with Five9. Combine the solutions you need to maximize resources and drive business goals.

Better Availability

Better Availability

Our years of experience and focus on end-to-end services at availability levels of 99.999% means we have had to build up fast, insightful communications management and monitoring solutions that don’t just look at a single vendor, but the entire stack.

Faster Incident Response Times

Faster Incident Response Times

When incidents are detected, you need a strong service desk 24/7 to respond properly to your solution incident. Juxto’s team provides better than industry customer satisfaction and fast escalation processes to assure incidents that impact your business are resolved in a timely manner with a focus on service restoration. But that’s not all, after service is restored, Juxto’s problem management processes will make sure they don’t happen again!

Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvements

When something does go wrong, you need to know that steps will be taken to prevent it from happening again. Juxto provides experienced engineers to capture incidents and build change into the system to prevent it from happening again and make improvements in our management and monitoring processes to capture potential problems before they occur!

IT Operations Control

IT Operations Control

Juxto provides the necessary backups across the stack, maintenance of the end-to-end stack including business-friendly planned downtime for maintenance and unobtrusive job scheduling. Our operations center is paired with our service desk to make sure all operations are continually updated and insight into the health of your end-to-end service is at the fingertips of Juxto’s ops center!

Technical Management

Technical Management

All these technologies orchestrated together mean you need both depth of expertise in specific components as well as architect-level experience in the end-to-end solution to assure your organization has an optimized solution for your business objectives. Juxto’s many years of experience and key vendor relationships means your IT department does not need the extraordinary depth required to provide great service.

The Cloud2Edge Device Difference

Our Modern Edge solution for your network enables us to automatically:

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The Modern Edge advantage translates into higher levels of service and faster time to deploy new services and features.

Why Juxto?

Our network, infrastructure, and vendor relationships give you unmatched flexibility and customization to tailor your Real-Time Communications solution.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs and Higher Service Levels

Juxto’s scale, experience and infrastructure provide higher service levels and great customer service all at a lower TCO.

Single Vendor

Single Vendor SLA

We eliminate the complexity of enterprise solutions and deliver all of your services under a single SLA. You get the solutions you need without having to invest as much time or people to implement and manage it.

Real-Time Communication RTC- Voice in a Complex Environment

Voice services via VoIP are a great foundation, but to enable effective communication you need a solution that pulls together all of your communication silos. RTC combines and provides:

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Voicemail with Email Integration

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Voice and Web Conferencing

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Corporate Instant Messaging

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Video calls and conferencing

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Presence services to communicate based on user status

A managed services solution from Juxto allows you to dynamically provision these services into your organization as you require.

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Device as a Service (DaaS)

Our Device-as-a-Service approach means you don’t have to worry about desktop phone purchases, maintenance, upgrades, and warranties. You’re all covered as part of our DaaS program.

Our revolutionary approach allows you to keep the newest phones your business wants with the convenience of an OPEX service.

Rapid device deployment and replacement mean you get it fast and pre-configured for plug-and-play!

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Microsoft Teams Integration

We specialize in providing MS Teams direct routing and integration, enabling MS Teams as-a-Phone-System (MS Teams UC), using our Microsoft-certified network, meeting the demand that’s being created by the popularity of the Teams app.

For many companies, Teams is an important part of their business, enabling employee collaboration across the enterprise. We’re experts at being able to service our Teams users efficiently and pain-free while saving them money.

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