Why Juxto

Since 2001, the JUXTO team has led the cloud communications revolution, providing top quality voice networks across North America. Learn why smart companies are converting their services to Juxto.

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Bring it Together

Video, voice or message with ease. Use any device you like.

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Unreal Reliability

JUXTO partners with leading Tier 1 global manufacturers, and through our world-class delivery-system, we deliver these services to our clients to create a comprehensive solution.

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Trusted by Our Clients

To deliver the best possible Real-Time Communications solutions

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Wider Reach. Superior Tools.

A World-Class Network for exceptional results. Juxto delivers top-tier custom solutions from the providers you trust, while saving you money.

The years we spent on R&D make our network, peering connections and delivery system unique and different from the other providers in our industry. We enable our clients with a carrier-grade network that would be difficult to replicate, and provide access to leading telephony applications from multiple cloud-vendors, all working seamlessly together to create a totally custom solution. We connect to a geo redundant voice infrastructure with points-of-presence across the globe. Our technology is future- proof; it can adapt to any changes in the industry, so you’ll always get the best our industry has to offer.

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Deeper Knowledge & Experience.

Moving up to the cloud isn’t a catchphrase, it’s a tactical business decision.

Due diligence means you thoroughly vet providers to meet your high standards. Why? Because you’re fully aware that communication is the lifeline of your business. We provide risk-free access to the best communications applications available, so you can deliver the tools your employees need to succeed.

Don’t leave anything to chance here. Let us show you how Juxto’s unique approach can improve your business interactions and end-user engagements.

Entrust Your Communication Needs to a Firm Supported By:

Online always and everywhere

Carrier-Grade Technology

Juxto has revolutionized what it means to provide Real-Time Communications

We’ve changed Real-Time Communications in the market through network design and end user programs. Each service we provide has been thoughtfully researched and developed to deliver risk-free access to premier applications, while structured as operating expenditures that increase and decrease according to your demand – mitigating wasted capital.

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We offer a purely variable device subscription program called Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) eliminating up front capital expenditures.

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We provide the ability to interconnect legacy, premise-based solutions, such as Cisco Call Managers or Avaya, with one or more leading Real-Time Communication applications such as Kandy Business UC or Microsoft Teams UC, with enhanced applications such as Five9’s Contact Center solutions to design a hybrid environment, as needed to address migration concerns or disparate feature functionality requirements across the organization.

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Core2Edge Management - The Modern Edge

Stable and secure real-time communication environments require proper design and architecture to ensure the consistent delivery and availability of bandwidth. Juxto designs and manages the client’s edge using our Modern Edge device and we leverage our vast carrier relationships to deliver a market-leading quality of service (QOS) at sensible costs. We don’t need and avoid using expensive MPLS connections or dedicated private lines, instead we leverage our expertise to deliver top quality while saving you money.

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Unbiased Solutions​

Our competitors are biased and economically constrained to recommend their specific solution to you.

In contrast, Juxto is a managed network delivery system that is un-biased to which application serves the customer best. While we invested heavily into our research and development, our network and manufacturer relationships, our customers can confidently invest in their platform selection, and rest assured that it’s the best possible solution for their needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique value proposition.

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