Real-Time Communications for Law Firms

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Juxto’s technology solutions enable the legal industry to stay connected to their clients while enabling productivity in the offices.


Most law firms have invested in standalone PBXs for each of their locations, but face costly and complex issues. With a limited IT staff, systems are inconsistently updated and poorly maintained. In addition, there is no disaster recovery path. In fact, an outage in a transmission line connecting a PBX to the public switched network could leave the office without phone service for hours or even days. As much of the firm’s work is performed at client offices and other remote locations, there is no way for team members to interact seamlessly with office communication systems and maintain peak productivity on the go.


Cloud-based, Secure Real-Time Communications (RTC) enables law firms to operate more efficiently, deliver better service to clients, and remain competitive through more convenient, intuitive collaboration. Cloud Communications as a Service makes collaboration – voice, text, video and screen sharing – possible without major upfront investment and zero capital investment. Because Juxto’s Real-Time Communications is delivered via the cloud, with web-based tools, there are no complicated integration issues or special IT skills required. Once the platform is deployed, law offices can communicate more effectively internally, externally with partners, and with clients.

There are many applications available, including time and money saving video depositions, virtual meetings with video and screen sharing – all securely and reliably, working on any browser, desktop or mobile. While features such as call recording and voice messaging provide the capability for billable time. Juxto’s options for Kandy Business phone, or Microsoft Teams phone keeps attorneys in touch with the office whether meeting with clients or in the courtroom. Kandy’s Virtual Assistant routes potential clients to office staff instantly from their website, keeping them ahead of the competition.

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Since 2001, the JUXTO team has led the cloud communication revolution, providing top quality voice networks across North America and delivering highly-reliable cloud-based real-time communications (i.e. IPPBX) including unified communications (UC). We’ve partnered with Ribbon Communications, a global leader in real-time communications software solutions for service providers, enabling our services using true carrier-grade infrastructure that connects businesses across the globe to a geo-redundant voice solution. Our technology is future- proof; it can adapt to any changes in the industry, safeguarding our clients investments.

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