Microsoft Teams UC

Juxto provides MS Teams direct routing and integration (MS Teams as-a-Phone-System) right out-of-the-box through our Microsoft-certified network, meeting the demand that's being created by the popularity of the Teams app.

Use Microsoft Teams as Your Phone System

Powerful connectivity for your users

Place external calls right from within Microsoft Teams, and mix and match our services as you see fit. Using our dedicated fiber-optic based network and Microsoft-certified infrastructure, everything works seamlessly together. You’ll never have to look for another phone system ever again.

What is Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft introduced the concept of “Direct Routing” at Enterprise Connect 2018. This functionality adds the ability for organizations to route calls from their own telephony trunk directly to Teams, through a Microsoft-certified session border controller (SBC), in Office 365. Juxto has built this Direct Routing option into our network, and we give you the opportunity to use Teams as an external phone system while saving you money compared to having to use the Microsoft direct “phone system” model.

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Coexistence with Existing Environment

One of the biggest challenges when implementing a VOIP solution like Kandy Business and MS Teams is migrating from your legacy voice PBX. Juxto can connect into your Legacy PBX and IP-PBX, linking everything together like one-big-system, so your phased migration will be seamless to your users.

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Save Money on Teams Calling

Juxto reduces the total cost of ownership by giving you lower Teams calling charges compared to what you’d have to pay through Microsoft’s calling plans, and helps you get total control of your communications solution.

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Greater Teams Security

You can be confident of secure, reliable connections to Teams using Juxto’s dedicated network and our Microsoft-certified infrastructure located in the cloud. We provide the highest levels of protection for your data.

Want to know more about Microsoft Teams integration?

Secure Real-Time Communications for the 21st Century

Talk to one of our experts to see if Juxto’s Real-Time Communications services are right for your business. We’ll evaluate your needs and provide a customized solution using top-tier applications.

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