Secure Real-Time Communications

Access the most robust, feature-rich, and reliable communications platform available. Our Secure Real-Time Communication (RTC) services include continuous upgrades and evolving features to meet the changing needs of today’s organizations.

RTC Engineered for Enterprises

Secure Real-Time Communications (RTC)

Why waste time managing a phone system when you could be growing your business instead? We’ll take care of everything by consolidating all your voice services needs, and you’ll be able to connect to some of the industry’s most widely deployed, award-winning platforms like Kandy Business- by Ribbon Communications. Our solutions are Microsoft certified, so if your people prefer they can use MS Teams as-a-Phone-System to make/take calls, which helps ensure complete user adoption. With a built-in business continuity plan that traditional phone systems will never match, our services are Always-On with full backups against power outages, internet interruption or hardware failures.

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Right App, Right User™

Juxto integrates multiple applications within a single environment seamlessly. Pick voice applications based on desired business outcomes irrespective of the manufacturer. No single solution fits all. Select the right application for the right user.

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Fully Scalable

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local operation or an international enterprise. Enjoy optimal cloud based communications at any stage of growth, and only pay for what you use with our per user / per month pricing model.

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Use Ribbon’s native mobile client Smart Office, or use your familiar Microsoft Teams client or a combination of both! They’re available on a wide variety of devices, from traditional desktop computers to the most popular mobile devices.

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Open API's and SDK's are the future, and we can enhance existing platforms to create a more effective chat, voice and video ecosystem. For example, use our custom plugin to make calls from within the app! MS Teams, Google, IBM, + multiple CRMs and ERPs – we can integrate upon any of them.

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Single Vendor SLA

We are your One Single Provider that can assure quality of service (QOS) across multiple vendor applications. We’ve built our world-class network to connect directly into multiple-vendor services, and manage all SLAs into one comprehensive SLA from Juxto.

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Enterprise-Level Support

We provide 24/7/365 North American-based support with live answer within 60 seconds. Our business clients expect high-quality and comprehensive coverage and we deliver. We rank 6.38 out of 7 based on client satisfaction feedback. (the global benchmark is 6)

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24/7 Availability

With 8 global data centers and the best Service Level Agreement in the industry, we provide 99.999% uptime and 24/7 technical support. Our Ribbon service is trusted by over 700 service providers / 298+ Million IP licenses / 80+ countries.

Solve Enterprise-Level Challenges

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Kandy Business - Real-Time Communications

Real-Time Communications for the 21st Century

Through the Juxto network, Kandy delivers an interactive suite of turn-key cloud unified voice services such as Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center and Cloud Collaboration. Kandy’s rich APIs can bring RTC services into your own web or mobile apps. Regardless of how your organization communicates, Kandy unifies the experience.

Microsoft Teams UC

Use Teams as Your Phone System

Juxto specializes in providing MS Teams direct routing and integration (MS Teams UC), so if you’re a Teams user we’ve got you covered. You can use Teams as your primary phone system app, while others within your company can use our Smart Office client or have a state-of-the-art IP phone on their desk. Mix and match as you see fit and everything works seamlessly together. You’ll never have to look for another phone system ever again.

Integrations & Custom Applications

Open API's and SDK's are the Future

Already have a system in place? No worries, you can improve it. This saves you from the big spend of “rip and replace”. Enhance existing platforms to create a more effective chat, voice and video ecosystem. Teams, Google, Salesforce, IBM, multiple CRMs and ERPs – we can integrate upon any of them.

Real-Time Communications Experts


Juxto team members have over 40 combined years of experience building North American voice service networks, with a proven track record and industry knowledge in provisioning and supporting large scale implementations. Since 2001, the JUXTO team has led the cloud communication revolution.

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