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Geo-redundant strategic data-centers and a world-wide presence.

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Global Network

JUXTO combines with RIBBON’s global data centers giving you the most reliable and secure communications network in the world. Even better, you can dial in from any smartphone, desktop or tablet.

Our robust connections into global communications networks mean your business is serviced by software and hardware trusted by over 298 million IP users in over 80 countries.

Juxto uses RIBBON Application Servers, CISCO networking, and MICROSOFT Certified Session Border Controllers. All our services are deployed and managed by the same world-class team and connected to all the major Internet Service Provider networks in North America.

Powerful Connections

JUXTO partners with, and connects directly into leading Tier 1 global networks like Cogent, Bell, AT&T, Cox, Telus, just to name a few.

Through our network, we deliver services to create a comprehensive solution that may include dedicated Internet access.

Leveraging our economies of scale, we negotiate below-market rates for these services and pass those savings along to our Clients. Typically, we can save you 15%-30%, especially when bundled together with our Real-Time Communications and Contact Center solutions.

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Plug-and-Play Vendors

We peer with major networks in multiple data-centers across North America, and give our clients unprecedented access.

Regardless of which carrier you’re using for internet, chances are we’re connected to them, and we’ll use that to ensure your VOIP traffic avoids multiple “hops” and travels the shortest possible distance. This is so important if you want to maintain that high-quality voice experience.

The Juxto network is already built to deliver the highest quality and security to our business customers.

Smart Design and Reliability

Business continuity through redundancy ensures you stay connected 24x7x365. All of our clients solutions are configured to eliminate any down time!

Our client’s voice services travel via dedicated Internet using the highest encryption protocols, and connects into the highest caliber and most secure network. We monitor and control the traffic, ensuring quality and maintaining our 99.999% uptime commitment.

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