Cloud Contact Center Services

Your Customers Expect a Contact Center

If you’re an SME or a large enterprise, chances are you need to function as a contact center to manage incoming and outgoing customer engagement for sales, service, and fulfillment. A modern contact center can be a business differentiator, cost savings hub, and revenue engine.

Customers expect your contact center to have:

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Skills-based routing and Workforce Management

So they are connected to the right person without extended hold times.

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The ability to engage via voice, video, text, email, screen-share or even social media

Because people have different preferences for communicating with you.

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Channel switching and promotion on the same engagement

So they don’t have to answer the same questions over and over!

Cloud Contact Center Benefits

A traditional full blown Contact Center is costly to initialize. It requires a physical onsite CAPEX investment, long lead times, and it is difficult to expand in scale and features.

Contact Centers (CC) don’t have to be phone banks with reporting that sit in your datacenter and your CAPEX budget. Cloud Contact Centers have all the features of on premises solutions without the big up front capital investment.

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Tailored Contact Center Delivered Through Our Cutting-Edge Service Network

JUXTO partners with and connects into leading Tier 1 contact center providers like Five9 and Kandy Business. Through our network, we deliver these services to create a comprehensive solution. With all Juxto’s CC service offerings you have full integration with your Juxto Real-Time Communications service. Your agents can be “blended” voice, chat, text and social media agents for higher productivity and greater reach, or you can go lean with a voice only solution on a budget.

Cutting-Edge Service Network

Juxto delivers these CC solutions through our cutting edge service network. The Juxto service network also has the advantage of existing monitoring, SLAs and volume licensing to make the choice of your contact center through Juxto both a better user experience and lower cost! Even large enterprises with dedicated procurement teams and IT staffs struggle to compete with the Juxto network on price, time to value and performance! Let us take away the struggles of working with multiple vendors and managing complex services for your end to end CC to UC experience

Large enterprises with procurement catalogs of CC and UC services can be automatically provisioned via our network. This cuts down on time to spin up new services and new seats and benefits from our network’s economies of scale.

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Superior Customer Experience at the Speed of Business

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Transformative Customer Experience

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Easy to Roll-Out

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Cost Effective

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Key Features

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Blended OmniChannel Customer Experience
graphical user interface
Graphical IVR Design
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Seamless Multisite
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Skills-Based Routing
customer service
Remote and Mobile Agents
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Workforce Optimization
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Remote and Mobile Call Center Agent Management
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CRM Integration
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Time of Day Routing for “Follow the Sun” Customer Experience
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Outbound Notifications for Upsell and Customer Engagement Activities Routed to the Prospect’s Preferred Communication Channels

The Juxto CC Transformation

With Juxto’s Contact Center managed services you can transform your ability to engage customers with a superior experience in the medium of their choice.

Implement and pay only for the features you want, when you’re ready, without a big invoice when you start.

You can do this quickly, without a CAPEX outlay, and have it be a seamless extension to your Juxto UC services, all at a cost you can afford and the benefits of the most expensive solutions!

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