Exciting new releases from Telogiks

Telogiks has a couple exciting new releases that are causing major disruption in the technology world. Visual Attendant and Smart Office are now available for enterprises and service providers. Both services leverage the latest WebRTC technology to boost customer interaction, employee productivity and significantly reduce expenses.


Kandy Visual Attendant has been named 2016 WebRTC Product of The Year Award Winner by TMCNet. In its first year, Kandy was powering more than 15 million users and had more than 1,500 customer accounts. And according to GENBAND, the predicted number of connected devices will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. Which means that the technology world is on the verge of one of its biggest waves of disruption.

Visual Attendant is a menu-based, click-to-connect service that integrates into a company’s website without toll-free number fees. It offers end users point ‘n click options to select the right group or department directly from any website without menu prompts. Using the latest WebRTC technology, Visual Attendant connects users whether they have a legacy browser or mobile devices that aren’t WebRTC ready.

“The digital economy is changing everything about the way business is done — innovation is the name of the game and Kandy enables businesses to remake, remap and remodel their digital outcomes,” said Paul Pluschkell, Kandy founder.

VIsual AttendantIf your team has the skills to embed a video on your website, then you can easily add a click to connect menu in less than an hour. There are no professional services or maintenance fees required. And with just one click of a button, your customers will have a simpler and more satisfying experience.

Visual Attendant puts your customers first

  • Your Website: Visual Attendant resides on your website,
    right where your customers and prospects are!
  • Self Select Menus: Your customers call directly from their
    browser and select who they want to talk to.
  • Instant Gratification: Click to Connect ensures your
    customers get what they want, when they want it so they
    will keep coming back!
  • Be Prepared: Associate a different number with each page
    so that your team is prepared to assist customers quickly
    and efficiently!


Telogiks’ Smart Office solution is a collaboration application which features multi-party voice and video conferencing, screen and content sharing, and multi-party chat. Smart Office eliminates the common hassles of traditional meeting services – you don’t need to sign-up for every session and send out a different meeting address for every event. Each user has their own personal collaboration room that doesn’t change. The solution is designed for a mobile world.

It is ready for work on a tablet, a smartphone, and even a WebRTC enabled browser allowing enterprises to simplify their communications experience; making them more accessible and more productive. Working across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android, users can connect to a global enterprise directory from anywhere.

“The most important thing I appreciate about Smart Office is the fact that you don’t have to do anything special to get connected,” said Greg Zweig, Director of Solutions Marketing at GENBAND.

Just point and click to connect. It’s that simple.

Smart Office

Users can connect instantly using a personal link via email or a meeting invite. Special software or applications are unnecessary when it comes to using Smart Office.

Your Room Your Rules

To be productive collaboration users need to stay focused and engaged. Smart Office gives moderator’s powerful tools including:

  • Mute Audio – per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants
  • Mute Video – per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants
  • Remove participant
  • Lock conference (to preclude new attendees)

You’ll never have to beg participants to mute themselves when the dog barks or they enter a wind tunnel from their mobile phone.

Smart Office can be used to enhance your productivity of meetings, provide online training, customer webinars or any other activity that can benefit from real-time video and content sharing. It provides a better experience, it’s simple to manage and less expensive to deploy. Anyone who has a monitor and keyboard or a smartphone can use this solution.

To learn how you can start boosting your interactions and productivity, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will get you started today!

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