Canadian companies know the business of cloud phone systems

More and more Canadian companies are trading in their landlines for the convenience of cloud-based business phone systems.

From the ease of use to the affordability, cloud systems are sweeping the business world.

Here are just a few reasons why Canadian companies are turning to the cloud when it comes to making calls:

Cloud-based business phone systems in Canada

Cloud-based phone systems are gaining popularity in countries all across the world and Canada is no exception.

According to a recent report from Infonetics, worldwide cloud-based business phone system sales will reach $90 billion by 2018.

The majority of these sales will come from businesses in the United States, Europe and Canada.

Likewise, the use of cloud-based phone services for Canadian companies is expected to spike by 23% in the coming years.

The increase in popularity of cloud phone systems all has to do with the benefits it provides companies in Canada.

Hassle-free installation

One of the biggest business benefits of a cloud-based system is the ease of installation. Because the system runs off an existing Internet connection, there are no wires or lines to run.

Likewise, there’s virtually no hardware to install depending on whether companies want desktop phones or note.

As the following article looks at, companies that choose to install cloud business phone systemsexperience less downtime in terms of the installation process and system upgrades.

Cloud-based systems are basically plug-and-play, which means companies can stay on track and take advantage of their new systems within minutes of installation.

Unparalleled scalability

Companies grow and expand all the time, which is why it’s convenient to have a phone system that can easily adapt to change. Cloud-based systems can scale to meet the need of growing Canadian companies.

Whether a company needs to add more on-site telephones in the office or add more mobile users to the system, cloud systems can handle the change instantaneously. This is especially beneficial to employees who are in the field and hardly ever at their desks.


Although it may seem like the technology behind cloud-based phone systems is expensive, it’s actually a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines. Many cloud phone system providers offer flexible contracts and low rates.

Likewise, because there’s no equipment to maintain, companies save on IT maintenance costs as well.

Whether Canadian companies want to pay month to month or on weekly basis, cloud-base phone systems are a cost-effective way for companies to communicate.

Increased productivity

When a company’s phone system manages itself, it helps employees concentrate on the job at hand, which improves productivity.

Cloud-based phone systems improve communication and customer satisfaction by allowing employees to better connect with customers and clientele.

In addition, because cloud-based business phone systems work seamlessly with mobile devices, employees can stay connected with customers no matter where they are. This means employees can stay productive and complete tasks even when they’re away from the office.

From the scalability to the ease of installation, it’s plain to see why some Canadian companies are going the cloud-based phone system route.

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