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Many organizations develop business continuity plans and techniques for their data and network systems. However, the telephone system may be most important. The telephone for most businesses serves as a revenue-generating function. If your suppliers, clients and employees are unable to reach you, how will you continue to operate your business? You need to make sure that you can keep your business running in the event that there is a disaster, your equipment fails or there is a network interruption.

To put things into perspective; according to Basex, Inc., a leading knowledge economy research and advisory firm, it is estimated that a typical 500-person company would lose over $90,000 per day without a phone system business continuation plan.

The Elements of Business Continuity

Business continuity includes a loosely defined set of planning and techniques which are intended to ensure that your organization’s critical business functions will continue to run in the event of a serious incident or disaster. It includes three key elements: resilience, recovery and contingency.

  • Resilience – critical business functions and the supporting infrastructure are engineered in such a way that they are essentially unaffected by most disruptions. This can either be through redundancy or spare capacity.
  • Recovery – arrangements are made to
    recover or restore business functions that fail for some reason.
  • Contingency – a generalized capability and readiness to effectively manage whatever major incidents and disasters may occur. Contingency plans usually include a last-resort response if resilience and recovery arrangements fail.

With a cloud-based hosted voice solution, you can cut out all the guess work and extensive planning associated with a business continuation plan. Telogiks’ NuviaTM hosted voice solution for instance, puts all three of these elements under one umbrella. It is robust, redundant, and features 99.99999% uptime.

business-continuity-softwareChoose a System That Keeps You in Business

A reliable business phone continuation solution needs to be able to handle virtually any problem. Fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, for instance, can do more than interrupt your operation; they can make your business completely inaccessible. This is why it is important to think about a phone system that allows you to get back to work even if your business office remain inaccessible. This system should allow you to resume live dialog with your clients and colleagues from virtually anywhere.

An on-premise PBX data recovery service often involve additional costs not covered by equipment warranties or IT maintenance contracts. While some may advice that instruments like a battery back up system may be sufficient to protect against network interruptions or power outages, these devices are often not enough.

Cloud-Based vs. Premise-Based Solutions

Cloud-vs.-On-Premise-business-continuityWith our hosted voice solution, you do not have to worry about an extensive plan or additional equipment. We take care of that for you. With a premise-based solution on the other hand, you need to factor in the following things:

  1. The location of your equipment – there are many factors that may effect your PBX. You need to consider the best location to house your equipment where minimal damage may occur in case of a flood, fire, earthquake, etc.
  2. You may need separate heating, ventilation, or HVAC system to maintain your hardware.
  3. Separate power source or supplies in case of a power outage
  4. Access to local lines or a separate internet access line

With a hosted PBX you do not have to worry about any equipment at all. A disaster such as a power outage, flood or fire will not affect your phone system because it is hosted from a remote location. A virtual PBX will provide you with the confidence that in the event of a disaster, your business will continue to operate. You can have your business back up and running in a matter of seconds by connecting your desk phone to any secure internet line, using your smart phone, or connecting via a soft phone application on your laptop or tablet.

Invest in a Disaster Prevention Solution

Because every company is different in how it operates and the applications it uses, each organization needs to have a distinctive plan and process for business continuity. But instead of creating a disaster recovery plan, you can invest in a disaster prevention plan by switching to a virtual PBX solution. Here are some of the benefits to moving your on-premise PBX to the cloud:

  • It is cost saving – hosted VoIP eliminates any complication associated with an on-premise phone system. It removes the capital expenditure and long-term operating expenditures of third-party vendors for hardware, bandwidth, colocation, and installation needed for a traditional phone service.
  • It’s flexible – you can take control of your business communications. With a user friendly online admin portal, users can make adds, moves and changes at their convenience, from anywhere.
  • Adaptable – you can take and manage a call from anywhere as if you were at your office. There is no special equipment or applications required. One number follows you wherever you go on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Redundant – a hosted VoIP solution is more reliable and redundant than an on-premise solution. It can endure site disasters like fires, flooding or an outage and ensure you maintain an active phone system off-site.

business -continuity-solutions

Save Yourself Time and Money with the GENBAND’s NuviaTM Solution, powered by Telogiks

Migration to a virtual PBX is simple. The NuviaTM Cloud solution for instance, can easily integrate with an organization’s existing on-premise phone system, helping protect a prior investment. It also features a more efficient solution for smaller enterprises to implement a business continuity plan by providing the perfect protection for your business. It prevents equipment damage or loss that may interrupt your business operation because it is an off-premise solution. So if the building you operate your business from goes down, your phone system will not go down with it.

You do not have to waste time developing an intricate plan or worry about IT repair and maintenance costs; or any hardware to buy, install or support. With a hosted voice solution, it is all taken care of for you by a single source. So, save yourself the time, money and stress and put your PBX in the cloud. Your business will thank you later.

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